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1.what is best solution sports

best solution sports is a sport agency and management platform that manages athletes diverse operations anywhere. best solution was founded by team of eurpean football league.

2.how will best solution sport agency support my career?

best solution is able to support diffeent kinds of careers, branding, ID card, video highlights, are all done by us.

3.do you offer support to athletes?

our technical support team will assist with any technical problems you may face. support provided through out the week by email phone number as well as live chat anytime.

4.Does best solution spots agency offer trainining services

We offer one on one startup training for sport agencies. if you encounter problems after the initial training, you have access to our support personnel who are always happy to assist you.

5.how do you ensure continuous working of the best solutions sports management?

we post our athletes on our world class data centers. these are the same data centers that carry traffic for first class international organizations world over.

6.does best solution sports agency offer custom sport management?

we provide upgrades and enhancement based on demand. note if a specific academy needs an urgent custom management (which is out of the scope of best solutions sports management) before a new edition release, we can do so upon negotiation.

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