Updated: Dec 16, 2021

. Are you a player who considers themselves fit, but you get tired in games easily? You might even do really well in fitness tests but when it comes to games, you're legs start to feel like jelly after an hour and you feel like your lungs are on fire. . Football is a game of twisting and turning, and repeated sprints both long and short. A footballer's fitness should not be based on being able to run 10k at a slow, steady pace. When have you ever seen a footballer run at the exact same speed in straight lines around a pitch? . Training yourself by running long distances will train your aerobic energy system, but football utilizes more than this.Your anaerobic energy system is equally important, which facilitates the ability to sprint repeatedly. . I'm not saying that long runs are a waste of time. But if it's a choice of doing interval running training, for example, 10 second all out sprint followed by 40 second jog repeated 6 times, or a long run, then sprint training wins every time. . So if you find you get tired easily in games, then maybe you are not football specific fit. Something to think about, and something to work on. . Any questions, please get in touch.

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